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Peter Thomas lectures

Hear and download two lectures by Peter Thomas (Brunel University, London & Historical Materialism Journal) in the University of Tampere, 28.1.2011:

Lecture 1: Labour-Power (Arbeitskraft)

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download lecture 1

Lecture 2: Die Organisationsfrage as regulative idea?

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download lecture 2

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Sixth Historical Materialism Annual Conference 2009

Yhteiskunnallisen opiston aktiiveja vieraili marras-joulukuun vaihteessa 2009 Lontoon “Sixth Historical Materialism annual conference 2009: Another World is Necessary: Crisis, Struggles and Political Alternatives” -konferenssissa. Nauhoitimme suuren osan konferenssin keskusteluista.


Interpretations of the Crisis 1:

Verity Burgman – The Global Financial Crisis and the ideas of Antonio Negri
John Weeks – Marx’s Theory of Value and the Global Financial Crisis

Agency, Class, Subjectivity

Robert Jackson – Subjectivity in Marx’s Capital
Sheila Cohen – Left Agency and Class Action: The Paradox of Workplace Radicalism
Alexander Zevin – 1968: Workers, Students, Lessons


Interpretations of the Crisis 2

Joseph Choonara – Marxist Accounts of the Current Crisis
Peter Hudis – Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg in Light of Today’s Economic Crisis

Art Against Capitalism

Tim Dayton – Love and Arms and Song: Romantic Anticapitalism in the Poetry of Alan Seeger
Rob Heynen – “We Are the Eyes of Our Class!”: Class, Gender and Revolutionary Politics in Weimar Photography
Maria Elisa Cevasco – Art against Barbarism


Social Movements in Latin America: The Present Conjuncture

Thomas Purcell – Ground-rent and Chavismo: a Critique of the Bolivarian Revolution
Andreia Galvao and Jose Marcos Novelli – Is Neo-Liberalism Under Attack in Brazil? Lula’s Response to the Economic Crisis
Leandro Vergara-Camus – The MST and the EZLN: The Meaning of Autonomy

The Political Aesthetics of Realism

Kerstin Stakemeier – On Realism in Art
Daniel Fairfax – Towards a Political Aesthetics of the Cinema
Gene Ray – Dialectical Realism: On Brecht, Adorno and the Problem of Representing Contemporary Capitalism


Postneoliberalism (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

Birgit Sauer – What About Gender Relations? The Slow Transformation of Gender Inequality
Gregory Albo – The Crisis of Neoliberalism and the Impasse of the Union Movement
Ulrich Brand – The Ambiguous Postneoliberalising of Nature: The Case of Agrofuels

Capitalism and Beyond

Riccardo Bellofiore – The Grundrisse after Capital, or how to re-read Marx backwards
Massimiliano Tomba – Interpretations of the ‘Fragment on Machines’
John Holloway – Crack Capitalism


Marxism and Time

Sami Khatib – Karl Marx, Walter Benjamin and the Spectre of the Messianic: Is There a Materialist Theory of Time?
Blair Ogden – Cycles, Lines and Exceptions: Elucidating the Ideology of Progress in ‘On the Concept of History’


Ecological Crisis (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

Erik Swyngedouw – Ecology as the New Opium of the People
Tadzio Müller – Green New Deal and the New Fields of Capital Accumulation
Eva Charkiewicz – Climate Justice

Student Movements and Youth Revolts

Stipe Curkovic – A Different Notion of Democracy?
Primoz Krasovec – All Anti-Communists are Paper Tigers: Student Uprisings in Croatia in the Light of Struggle Against Revisionism
Clare Solomon – UK University Occupations
Panagiotis Sotiris – The December 2008 Greek Youth Rebellion


HM Book Series Launch: Mikko Lahtinen’s Politics and Philosophy: Niccolò Machiavelli and Louis Althusser’s Aleatory Materialism

Mikko Lahtinen
Panagiotis Sotiris
Gal Kirn
Peter Thomas


Morbid Symptoms: Health under Capitalism – The Socialist Register 2010

Colin Leys – Capitalism, Health and Health Care
Julian Tudor Hart – Mental Health in a Sick Society: What are People for?
Robert Albritton – Between Obesity and Hunger: The Capitalist Food Industry
Meri Koivusalo – Shaping Global Health Policy: From the WHO to the Gates Foundation



Jane Hardy – State, Labour and Capital: Migration in an Enlarged Europe
Ilker Atac – Discussing Migration in the Light of the Economic Crisis: Beyond the Victimisation and Economisation of Migrants


Empire and Imperialism

Lucia Pradella – Empire, State and Accumulation on a World Scale in Marx’s Capital
John Rees – Patterns of Imperial Economy
Radhika Desai – The Short American Century

Feminism and Socialist Strategy

Maria Kyriakidou – Another World is Possible as Long as It is Feminist Too: Leftist Feminists as Dissidents in the Anti-Globalization Struggle
Hester Eisenstein – Strategies for Socialist Feminists in the Age of Obama
Lindsey German – Women, War and Modern Feminism


Turbulence: Ideas For Movement – New Issue Launch

Ben Trott, David Harvie, Tadzio Müller, Keirn Milburn, Angela McRobbie & John Holloway

Cognitive Mapping, Totality and the Realist Turn

Alberto Toscano – The Poetics of Containerisation
Jeff Kinkle – Mapping Conspiracy: Parapolitics and Totality
Gail Day – Critical Realisms of Contemporary Art

SESSION XIII: Historical Materialism plenary

Fredric Jameson – Representing Capital: A New Reading Hypothesis About Volume 1 of Marx’s Capital
Peter Osborne
Maria Elisa Cevasco
Peter Thomas
Jamesonin vastaus