Call for Papers: Rosa Luxemburg’s Political Economy:

Contributions to Contemporary Political Theory and Practice

A Special Issue of Socialist Studies: Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies

Fall 2010

Since her assassination, Rosa Luxemburg has been treated as an icon while her political and theoretical work is largely forgotten, neglected, or rejected. Recently, though, David Harvey used her ideas on capitalist expansion to explain the new imperialism. Other elements of her work are promising for socialist studies and the left, today. Her analysis of mass strikes in Russia in 1905, for example, may cast new light on workers’ struggles in China. Luxemburg’s critical discussion of nations’ right to self-determination inform, or ought to inform, contemporary Latin American struggles against imperialist domination. Her writings on mass strikes, parties and trade unions, like her better-known writings on ‘social reform or revolution’, offer
insights into the role of (weakly) organized labour in political change. Although Luxemburg didn’t engage much with women’s issues directly, her work and its reception nonetheless have an important gender dimension. In particular, feminist women scholars have been quicker to recognize Luxemburg’s contributions to socialist political economy than their male colleagues.

This call invites articles on Luxemburg’s political economy, assessing
her contributions to socialist debates in light of current political
challenges. Papers may consider the implications of her work for
contemporary anti-imperialist struggle, the dynamics of worker
organization and progressive political change, and feminist
scholarship within the left, or any other topic concerning Luxemburg’s
theoretical and political contributions to socialist political economy
and political struggle.  In keeping with the Socialist Studies
mandate, perspectives from all disciplines are welcome.

Deadline: May 30, 2010. Please see: for
information about submissions (word count, format, etc.).


Ingo Schmidt:, special issue coordinator

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